ARTIST ALLEY TABLES: £60 with 1 PASS/£75 with 2 PASSES*






Q How do I become a dealer?
As long as your products or services adhere to the theme of our event, and are legal within the UK, you can qualify to become a dealer at one of our shows. Should you attempt to sell any illegal items at our event, we will fully co-operate with the police to have you prosecuted.

Also, please be aware that we operate a strict code of conduct, with additional restrictions on items which are of an adult nature, replica weapons and foods. Should you wish to sell such items at our events, please ensure that you contact us before booking, which will prevent any disappointment come the event. 

Our E-MAIL is:

Q How do I book?
A Submit your details via our booking application form. We will collate all applications for assessment, with successful parties being notified and supplied with a PayPal invoice to their e-mail. You will have 24 hours to complete your invoice, otherwise your table will be allocated elsewhere, and your application will be added to our reserve list.


Q What are the size of the tables?
A The sizes of the tables are 6ft wide x 2ft deep. The height of all tables is approximately 2ft 5in.

Q Is there a floor plan?
A As all tables are allocated by Edinburgh Comic Con, we will only post a rough plan once they have all been finalised. Although this will indicate where traders & guests are located, it may also be changed at any point without any prior warning.

Q Can we use our own tables?
A No, you can only use the tables supplied by Edinburgh Comic Con.

Q Can I use my own grid wall for displaying items, or a clothes rails?
A Indeed you can, but they must always stay within your area and you must always observe best Health & Safety practices. All displays must be in good taste and reflect a family friendly environment.

Q Is there a height restriction?
A Yes, displays can not exceed 3m in height without our permission. Should you fail to obtian permission, Edinburgh Comic Con may take it down without notice.

Q Can I use clamps or fixtures with the tables?
A Yes, you can use clamps and fixtures to create displays, but you must NOT DAMAGE the table in anyway. Should you damage the table, you will be charged the FULL price of replacing it.

Q What can I use to create a display on the wall behind my table?
A Should you have a wall, you can only use a non-marking fixture. You WILL be charged for any damage/cleaning incurred, and wall space is NOT included in the price of your table.

Q Does Edinburgh Comic Con supply table covers?
A No. You must supply these.

Q How many chairs do I get?
A You get 1 chair per table, but extra chairs may potentially be avialable upon request.

Q How many passes do I get?
A As a general rule of thumb, you will get your table +1 for Dealers and 1 pass per table for Artist Alley. If you require extra passes for your table, these must be requested at the start of your application proce

Q Can I buy more passes?
A Yes, but these must be ordered when you apply for your table. They are £20 each and last for the entire event, but should you lose your pass, you will be charged £20.00 to replace it.

Q I have different people helping during the different days of the event, can we share passes?
ONLY with permission from Edinburgh Comic Con. Should this be the case, we will require the names of the individulas helping you cover the event.

Q When is set up?
A Set up in 2022 will be from 2pm to 10pm on the Friday prior to the event, and 8.00am to 9.15am on the Saturday of the event.

Q Can I have stock delivered directly to the venue?
A Yes, but please obtain permission first. Any items delivered to the venue and signed for by any of us prior to your arrival, and whilst on site, are your own responsibility and not the responsibility of the organisers. Email:

Q If something gets lost, stolen or broken am I covered on Edinburgh Comic Con's insurance?
A NO, none of your stock, items or personal belonging are covered under Edinburgh Comic Con's insurance. You will need to arrange your own insurance cover for the event.

Q What do we do with our stock when the show closes for the day?
In the majority of cases, it will be suffice to simply cover up your wares. Security will be present after the show closes, but we do not  take any responsibility for your goods. At all times the responsibility remains with you to ensure they are secure and they are insured as required.

Q What do we do with our stock after the show finishes?
Please ensure you pack and leave with all your property. All items left in the halls after breakdown will be considered trash by the venue and destroyed accordingly.

Q I changed my mind and want to cancel my booking, can I get my money back?
No. All bookings are final, non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.

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